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Online Casino Slot: Graveyard Shift Review

Before you decide to push that “spin” button, you need to do a little research on each and every game. Although most veteran gamblers have already found their favorite slot game, the beginner has not experienced any play. Below you will find an overview and genuine review of the Graveyard Shift slot, which is brought to you by none other than the Rich Casino.

Story Line

Graveyard Shift

Graveyard Shift – online casino slots

No game is a true game, without a story line and Graveyard Shift is no different. Your gaming experience will begin with the outbreak of zombies. The gothic scenery adds a wholesome apocalypse environment that will allow your imagination and entire soul to be warped into this fantasy land.

Sleek Design and Impressive Sound Effects

Wow is pretty much all that needs to be said, when evaluating Graveyard Shift’s impressive, sleek and modern graphics. While they’re impressive, as a singular element, they’re even more stunning, when working in conjunction, since they develop a mood and atmosphere. At first, you might be a little afraid, but you shouldn’t let this stop you from hitting the spin button! Once you do, you’ll hear a catchy little tune that’ll transport you to a sideshow or circus. From there, your spirits will soar and you’ll feel obligated to hit the spin button once again. While the graphics are astounding and perfectly suitable for Halloween, this impressive slot machine can be enjoyed throughout the year.

The Bonus Round

Of course, true gamblers will care less about the design and graphics, while placing added emphasis on the bonuses. With this particular slot machine, players will always have the opportunity to win free spins. By scoring three or more Scatter symbols, the player will be awarded with free spins! The number of symbols you score will impact the number of freebies you receive. By matching three, your account will be credited with seven spins. Of course, the incentives continue, since you can gain fifty free spins, by hitting five Scatter symbols! If you happen to experience the Gamble mode, you’ll have the opportunity to double your winnings. Take a chance and attempt to guess the color of the drawn card. If you select correctly, you’ll be able to double your entire winnings!

Most Impressive Screen

In order for a slot game to make it the casino world, it must present with a perfect main screen. It is essential that the icons fit the theme, so as to draw in the player. The Graveyard Shift’s main screen is definitely a work of art. Your play options are easy accessible from this screen including auto-play, fast play off, and best max options, which will make your gaming experience so much simpler and exciting. Gamers do not want to be forced to search around for these important features, because it would interfere with their playing time and draw them back into reality.


Rich Casino has definitely earned an ultimate, all time high rating, with the Graveyard Shift slot game. Its massive array of play lines offer more ways to match up combinations, which can lead to more wins. You do not have to be wealthy to play this slot, because bets begin as low as $0.01, but that is not to say that you have to go with that number, but only that it is an option. Whether you are a beginner or a veteran, you will ease your way into this zombie world and earn many bonuses, with potential large payouts.

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