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History of Online Slots

online slots came into existence in the year 2001 when the major gambling companies and casinos went online. They became available on the internet through their personal websites and made their slot machines publicly available. Players can find different slots games around that come with exciting themes and other varieties. It is the most popular online gambling game and contributes a lot to the total online revenue collection of the casino.

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In this modern world, some of the oldest forms of gambling are slot and pokies. In most of the casinos of US and around the world, slot machines make up more than 70% of their total revenue collection. A slot machine is basically a gambling machine in a casino that consists of three or more number of reels, which spin when a button is pushed. This popular gambling game can also be played online through the various online casinos. Such online slots are favorable for those who are unable to visit a casino or need to play from the comfort of their home.

Jackpot prizes, including millions of dollars are a big attraction for the patrons to visit the casinos. Charles Fey was the first man to invent the slot machine in the year 1887 in San Francisco, California. The main motive of designing such a slot machine for gambling was to create payouts automatically. During those days, machine poker was not able to create payouts automatically as it had a never ending list of hands, such as full house, two pair, flush and straight. Hence, Charles slot machines became a great hit in the casinos all over the world. Then, the electronic slot machines were invented, which had more security. It was not until the end of the century when we saw the arrival of online slots.

Vegas Casino Online

It was in the year 2001 when the first ever online slots game was seen on the internet. It was this year when the online casinos went live on the internet. Various gambling companies and some of the largest casinos of the world went online. They made their online slot machines available for the public worldwide. Since the last ten years, slots have become the most popular and sought after gambling game at the online casinos on the internet. Out of the total revenue collection of the major casinos, about 80% is made up by the land-based casinos, and the remaining portion is earned from the online casinos. Slots game is the major contributor to the total revenue earned online.

Vegas Casino Online

There are various online casinos available on the internet and they offer different kinds of slots game to the public. Hence, hundreds of different online slots games are available that come with lots of fun and many inventive themes. The online players can find a varying range of branded as well as themed game of slots, which are made with the latest gaming technology.

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