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History of Slot Machines

Slot machines were invented in the year 1887. Since then they have undergone lot of innovation. The modern day slots allow multiple payouts. From olden days till date, the slots have retained their popularity among players.

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Slot machines are an important part of gambling industry. They are also the most popular sources of revenue. In almost all casinos nearly seventy percent of games are based on slots. There are huge jackpot prizes to be won in slots. The history of these machines dates back to the days when gambling was started. In the olden days poker machine was used. It contained numerous hands list such as full house, and straight. It was not possible to make payouts automatically. Hence, the idea was to create a gambling machine that helped in playing poker to issue payouts automatically.

The first slot was invented by Charles Fey in the year 1887 at San Francisco. It was named “Liberty Bell”. This modern day slot was simplistic in structure. It eliminated the need to pay money for each hand dealt by a player. It comprised of three reels for spinning. Each of them had five symbols. It used to keep track of symbols and their position with respect to the reels. When a particular symbol got in line with the pay mark, the player was supposed to have hit a jackpot. The simplicity of the slot machines made them very popular.

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The usage of slot machines increased over the years. Hence, different manufacturers started making their versions. In the year 1891, a machine with five drums and fifty cards was created by Sittman. The next improvised version of these machines was created by a person named Herbert Mills in the year 1907. This model came to be known as “Operator Bell”. They were installed in salons, and stores. These old fashioned slot machines had drawbacks. For instance, the chances of winning were one in thousand on a three reel slot having 10 symbols. Hence, jackpot prizes were limited as players would win prizes easily.

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The problem was solved in the year 1963. The first completely electromechanical slot was invented. It came to be known as “Money Honey”. The slot machines included “weighted symbols”. Microprocessors were also used. They limited the frequency of the winning symbols aligning with the line for pay. The probability of pay lines that would win was lessened. This allowed the casinos to increase the jackpots enormously. It also increased their share of profits. These days, online slots are also available. They include multiple payment lines. They also have many video slots. Other interactive games based on slots are also available.


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