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Rich Casino Online

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In the past couple of years, casinos have started to transition from the offline world towards a more digitalized scene. Even companies, which do not have physical casinos, are able to compete in the online sector. Although this is tremendously helpful for the casinos, it also gives the player innumerable benefits. They tend to receive bigger bonuses and incentives for signing up and playing. These companies are forced to remain competitive, which ultimately passes benefits down to the player. Still, it is important to take the time to check out each individual casino, until you find one that suits your needs. Perhaps, you’ll find comfort with Rich Casino? Below, you will learn everything you need to know about this online casino and whether or not, you can hit it Rich Casino!

Perfectly Replicating the Atmosphere of Offline Casinos

One of the biggest downfalls of online casinos is the fact that they are unable to offer an atmosphere, which is packed full of excitement and fun. However, this is not necessarily the case, with Rich Casino, which has gone above and beyond to perfectly recreate the legitimate feel of a brick and mortar establishment. This can provide you with the best of both worlds. You’ll receive the comfort of playing games at home. Whether you’re at home or stuck in the office, you’ll have fun, while experiencing the feel of a traditional setting. At the same time, you’ll have the chance to win an astounding amount of money.

Customer Support is Imperative

Although Rich Casino has put in a great deal of time attempting to deliver an impeccable experience, it is still possible for the player to encounter problematic incidents. If something goes awry, it is of the utmost importance for the customer support team to quickly respond and rectify the problem. Having spent time with this particular casino, I’ve worked closely with their live support team and have been thoroughly impressed. Although problematic encounters were rare, the company’s support team was readily available and walked me through the problem, without delay. In fact, the company’s team of professionals treated me with total respect and made me feel important, during the process. The company definitely impresses in this department.

The Sign Up Process

In some situations, online casinos force their players to jump through hoops, in order to get started. This is not the case, with Rich Casino! The company has a very efficient sign up process, which can be completed very quickly. Very little information is needed during the initial step, which can be concluded for free. Of course, you’ll need a valid email address, but mobile phone numbers and such are not necessary. Depending on your preferences, you can download the casino software to your desktop. This software is compatible with Windows and MAC OSX. Otherwise, you can jump right in, with the instant play feature, which requires no download whatsoever. With either option, you’ll be playing exciting casino games in a matter of minutes! The Rich Casino Instant Play is certainly the quickest way to get started.

Daily Bonuses

The biggest benefit of all online casinos is generally the outstanding bonuses. Each casino offers a range of different bonuses to their players. With this particular site, you will see that no Rich Casino bonus code is needed. Instead, the player will instantly be able to benefit from different daily offers, without the requirement of a promo or bonus code. On Monday, the company offers massive deposit bonuses, which increase as your deposit amount elevates. For instance, you can receive 10% cash back for every deposit of $100. If you’re willing to deposit $1,000, you can benefit from 40% cash back incentives.

Of course, it doesn’t stop there! Tuesday brings even more exciting bonuses. Deposit a moderate amount and you’ll receive a nice bonus. For instance, a $500 deposit will net you a 200% bonus. On Wednesday, you’ll need to make two individualized additions to your account, but on your second one, you’ll receive a 50% incentive. Female players shouldn’t feel left out, since Thursday is Ladies’ Day! All female players receive 50% extra on each of their deposits on this day.

The bonuses continue to roll on through the week, with Friday bringing more, which increases with a bigger installment to your account. By putting $500 in your account on Friday, you’ll receive a 500% bonus! Saturday is even more generous! Each time you add money to your account, you’ll receive a massive 300% bonus! Finally, Sunday rolls around and the incentives continue. By becoming a member of the casino’s Lucky 777 club and depositing $222, you will receive a bonus of $777! These bonuses are extremely compelling and should certainly attract you to depositing and playing more.

$15 sign up bonus + 350% 1st deposit bonus

A Wide Range of Games

Truthfully, many casino players care less about the bonuses and more about the games, which are offered. When attempting to narrow down your options and select an online casino, you will need to browse the individual games and ensure that the particular site offers your favorite games. Of course, you will see that Rich Casino Online offers a massive database of different games, which range from roulette, to video poker, but it doesn’t stop there. Video slots, blackjack, classic slots and a wide range of other games are also available. With each game, you will gain the opportunity to strike it rich!

Video Slots

Many players have given up on the older, more traditional slots, while beginning to lean towards video slots. With the Rich Casino Slots, you will be able to experience the best of both worlds. However, each individual type of machine is broken down into even more categories, which means more games are available. With the site’s video slots, you will be able to experience slots, which are designed to modern perfection. Each game takes on a life of its own, since they are all designed in a silly or fun manner. For instance, you will find the summer party to be one of the most exciting!

Summer Party

Summer Party Rich Casino

Summer Party free casino game from Rich Casino

This is, without a doubt, one of the most exciting video slots on the site. The pictures are silly and fun, while the slots offer plenty of adrenaline filled excitement. With the game, you will have plenty of different ways to play, including always betting the max, configuring your specific bet, or using the auto-play option. The number of ways to win are plentiful and even a number of bonuses are offered, if you manage to hit that sweet spot. The added sound effects are also adorable and will keep you hitting the spin button for hours on end!

Free demo game – Summer Party

Wild Sevens

Wild Sevens

Wild Sevens from Rich Casino

If you’re looking for something that replicates the traditional casino slots a little closer, you may want to give the Wild Sevens a chance. This is a fun game, which uses fruits to keep you entertained, while you spin and spin for hours on end. This one can be downloaded to your computer for easier access, but it is also possible to play it instantly from the casino’s website. A variety of different play options are available including auto-play or total configuration of your bet. There are also a wide variety of different ways to win. The sounds are certainly attractive and help to add to the feel of the real casino.

Free demo game – Wild Sevens

Witches Cauldron

Withces Cauldron slot game from Rich Casino

Witches Cauldron slot game

The Witches Cauldron is a uniquely designed slot machine, which is perfect for Halloween! The overall design will lock you in, while the sound effects will spook you out. Regardless, you’ll continue hitting that spin button over and over again! If you wish to quickly bet the max, there is a button that allows you to do so, without painful configuration. However, it is possible to change the number of lines and bet individually, in order to perfect your play. This attractive machine will keep you entertained for hours on end, as your balance climbs higher and higher.

Free demo game – Witches Cauldron


Many casino goers wish to play classic blackjack and nothing else. This is certainly a possibility, with Rich Casino. Do you have the nerve to hold out, until you’re able to reach the magic number of 21? A strong will, confidence and sometimes the ability to bluff will be required to become a winner, while playing online blackjack. From playing on the Rich Casino website, it is more than obvious that the company has put a great deal of effort into recreating the black jack experience entirely. While gaming away into the night and potentially building an empire, you’ll be able to hit, stand and double down, as you would in a traditional casino setting.


Again, Rich Casino has worked diligently, in order to replicate the traditional casino environment, with their roulette games. Although many consider the game to be nothing more than a stroke of luck, there are others, who feel there is a science behind winning. Regardless, you will be able to test your wits and luck, by playing roulette at the Rich Casino. Whether you’re trying to select the color or number, you’ll always have the opportunity to win an astounding sum of cash. Just take your time and pick carefully! Be sure that you know the rules of the game, before you agree to test your skills.


There are some specific games that you expect to be available at any traditional casino. One of these games happens to be the fun and exciting Keno, which is very similar to bingo. Since everyone loves being able to control their own fate, by selecting an array of numbers, Keno is a necessity within the casino establishments. Rich Casino has taken this information to heart and has developed a thrilling Keno game for all of their players. While you have the ability to select all of the numbers, you can also allow the computer to do this for you. Depending on your choice, you will be able to win a good amount of cash, if you happen to select the right ones. Although this is a game of chance, lady luck just might provide you with a helping hand!

Cashing out Your Winnings

If you’re lucky, you’ll eventually win a large sum of money. Before you sign up for the Rich Casino website, it is crucial to take the time to get to know a little more about the site’s payout options Remember that any bonus money you receive cannot be withdrew and must be played on the casino website. On the other hand, it is wise to remember that a $5,000 withdrawal limit is imposed on all players, who are not VIPs. For VIP members, the maximum withdraw amount varies on a case-by-case basis. Either way, the player must accumulate $50 USD, before they’ll able to withdraw their money. Before you can actually request money, you must have a landline telephone, which has been verified, added to your account.

At the current time, the company offers two individual payout options including Neteller and Eco Card. Neteller is a reliable alternative to PayPal, which allows you to access an unlimited amount of cash. When using this option, it’ll generally take four days, before the company can authorize your withdrawal request. The Eco Card option works in a similar manner. Again, it is possible to withdraw an unlimited amount with this option, but it’ll take four days for the company to authorize the withdrawal. It is also possible to transfer money directly to your bank.

$3333 welcome bonus!

Deposit Methods

In order to get started, you’ll need to deposit money to your casino account. In order to do this, you’ll need to explore the different assortment of deposit methods, which are available. A minimum deposit of $25 USD is necessary. This amount can be deposited with your credit or debit card, Easy Debit or through direct bank transfer. With the Money Transfers option, it is possible to receive an additional bonus of 20% with each individual deposit.

Restricted Countries

When it comes down to it, most individuals will be able to experience the exciting and fun games available from Rich Casino. Still, there are a number of restrictions, which should be noted. Depending on your specific country, you may not be able to partake in these contests. Anyone, who lives in Romania, Costa Rica, Bulgaria or Poland, cannot play on this particular casino site. Unfortunately, residents of Denmark, Ukraine and Israel are also forbidden from the site. On the other hand, it is imperative that you’re over the age of 18, before you attempt to sign up! Anyone, who is under this age, will be restricted and denied access.


As an avid gambler, I’ve experienced a number of different online casinos, but I find myself returning to Rich Casino games time and again. The website offers some of the most fun games, within the online casino realm. These games have not only kept me entertained, but they’d also filled my wallet on numerous occasions. The everyday bonuses continually provide me with reasons to make future deposits. While I generally stick to the slots, I have experimented with their other games and suffice to say, they were impressive. While the payout options are slightly limited, they work in my circumstance. All in all, I might not get rich, with Rich Casino, but I’ll certainly enjoy hours of entertainment on the site!

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